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I have an NSTextField and I need to get the field's value into a variable. What's the appropriate method?

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For an NSString you would use:

NSString *myString = [theTextField stringValue];

For an int you would use:

int myInt = [theTextField intValue];

There are many other methods for getting the value from a control. Have a look at the NSControl reference for more info, under the "Getting and Setting the Control’s Value" section.

Here's a list:

  • doubleValue
  • floatValue
  • intValue
  • integerValue
  • objectValue
  • stringValue
  • attributedStringValue
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[myField stringValue]

NSTextField inherits from NSControl, and NSControl defines the stringValue/setStringvalue: methods.

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thank u very much:) –  anakin Jun 12 '09 at 6:06


Say you have an object (MyObject) that wants to be be notified when someone types into a NSTextField. In the .h file, MyObject should declare it conforms to NSTextFieldDelegate, as in...

@interface MyObject : NSObject <NSTextFieldDelegate>

Then you set MyObject as the delegate of the NSTextField ( [myTextField setDelegate:myObject] ). Now, you can find out when something happens in the textfield by implementing methods in MyObject like:

-(void)controlTextDidEndEditing:(NSNotification *)aNotification;
-(void)controlTextDidChange:(NSNotification *)aNotification;
-(void)controlTextDidBeginEditing:(NSNotification *)aNotification;
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