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I am using paper_trail for audit trail. Along with create, update and delete events I want to track few custom events like view(record), sent(email) etc. How can we introduce such custom events while auditing a model?

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I have found a tweak to add custom events in paper_trail managed Versions. Here is the tweak

Version.create(item_type: "Campaign", item_id: campaign.id, event: "Sent")

May be this is not right solutions but it helped me to achieve the goal. I would explore paper_trail more to find obvious solution.

Please keep posting your suggestions.

Thanks, Amit Patel

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See simple hit counter for page views in rails as an answer to the first part of your question. As for tracking sent mails, you may want to use Observer pattern.

In any case all these events are outside of paper_trail domain. While paper_trail simply creates versions of your model during data changing, what you need is to observe custom event and write to DB all necessary information about that event.

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thanks @nash-bridges, your answer is very useful. I am preparing a prototype application which requires auditing of basic events like create, update, delete as well as some custom events as I mentioned earlier. As paper_clip has nice support of these basic events tracking, I was looking some tweak so I can track custom actions along with basic ones. This arrangement is for time being till I demonstrate the POC to client. – Amit Patel Mar 24 '12 at 17:47

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