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I have just started jumping into EF and cant seem to do something that seems simple.

Here is my question and supporting info.

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appropriated.

I have a user table and a group table. Between these is a UserGroups Intersection table to allow a user to belong to any number of groups.

The groups table is already populated with values.

My Question is How do I add a group to this user so that in the Intersection table, the relationship between the user and a group is created.

My Primary Keys auto increment.

Here is my DB structure:

alt text

My EF structure looks like this:

alt text

Thanks in advance and if i figure this out, i will update this post.



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Looks like i was missing the plot aboit.

the solutions is very simple.

Here is a little examle.


            using (UserEntities ctx = new UserEntities())

            var group = (from g in ctx.Group
                        select g).FirstOrDefault();

            User user = new User();

            user.UserName = "Ian";

            user.UserGroups.Add(new UserGroups { Group = group });


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how do you add/remove new UserGroups after the inserting the user? –  Dan Apr 16 '12 at 19:00

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