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I have a piece of code that the ARC converter turned into this...

// firstRange is a NSRange obviously
// test is an NSString * passed in as parameter to the method
NSRange range = NSMakeRange(firstRange.location, (lastRange.location - firstRange.location) + lastRange.length);
NSString *sentence = [text substringWithRange:range];
// OK, now chop it up with the better parser
CFRange allTextRange = CFRangeMake(0, [sentence length]);
CFLocaleRef locale = CFLocaleCopyCurrent();
CFStringTokenizerRef tokenizer = CFStringTokenizerCreate(kCFAllocatorDefault,
  (__bridge CFStringRef) sentence,

I call this A LOT and I suspect that it leaks somehow. Is that CFStringTokenizerCreate call kosher? I am especially suspicious of the __bridge call. Do I create an intermediate that I have to manually release or some such evil?

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You need to CFRelease the tokenizer and locale or else they will leak.

This falls under Core Foundation Ownership Policy and has nothing to do with ARC.

The __bridge cast tells ARC that no ownership transfer is done for sentence in CFStringTokenizerCreate call. So that is Ok.

You can test for memory leaks with Xcode's static analyser and profiler.

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Hmm, turns out that I do that, but your point is still valid. Thank you for answering. – Anders Sewerin Johansen Mar 24 '12 at 21:21

You need to call CFRelease(tokenizer); when you are done using the tokenizer. See Ownership Policy. You should call CFRelease(locale); too.

Your __bridge sentence syntax is correct. I must say that Xcode is correct about __bridge and __bridge_transfer most of the time. In your case, you are passing a reference of NSObject for use with CF. You have no intention to transfer the ownership to CF because you think ARC is great at managing NSObjects. So when CFStringTokenizerCreate is done using sentence, it won't do anything to free it up. ARC will then free up sentence.

On the other hand, if you changed it to __bridge_transfer, you are telling ARC that you are transferring the ownership to CF. Therefore, when you are done, ARC won't free up sentence. You must call CFRelease(sentence); to free it up, which is not a desired behavior.

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I made the same mistake above, but it's actually backwards. __bridge_transfer transfers ownership INTO an ARC object, and __bridge_retained transfers ownership into a CF object. – borrrden Mar 25 '12 at 1:57

My gut tells me that it should be __bridge_transfer instead of bridge since you are calling create (unless there is a CFRelease call later). I also think the locale needs to be released since it is a copy.

EDIT Oops ignore me, I read it wrong (was using a phone)

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