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I want to be able to edit how users paste strings and pictures. My application would be simple: on or off. If it is on I want to be able to edit how the iphone pastes information into textboxes, programs, ect...

My Goal: The user can be on any application, but my application kicks in right when the user trys to paste something. When the user pastes something (on any application) I want a dialog box with a few options to come up. Is this possible, and if so are their any apple guides for this?


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Your application SHOULD and WILL not be able to modify the behavior of other applications. To have something just step in and modify a particular action so important as the pasteboard is IMHO really freaking scary and a serious security concern. You are limited to your sandbox unless you jailbreak the phone.

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Okay, Thanks though. –  The Man Mar 24 '12 at 14:24
That isn't to say that it's impossible. I know there's probably somebody working on it. But if you really want to disable/cripple/modify the access to the pasteboard, just do it in your own application. The reference on UIMenuController shows how to remove buttons from it. –  CodaFi Mar 24 '12 at 14:26

This is totally possible, but it would have to be distributed on Cydia

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