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I am creating a class diagram but I was wondering if there would be any association between the 2 classes shown below - as far as I understand it, for association, ClassA must have an instance of ClassB which in this case there is not, however, it does need to know about a variable of ClassB, so is there an association between these 2 classes?

public class ClassA()
    int val = ClassB.x

public class ClassB()
    public static int x = 5;
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Sure there is association. You can't use ClassA without existing of ClassB.

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Ok thanks, just making sure. –  Mike Mar 24 '12 at 14:32

Yes there is an association between these two classes. The association is neither an aggregation nor a composition, it is a "uses/usage" dependency.

ClassA ------Uses-----> ClassB

Take a look at this link to know more about different types of dependencies

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