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I am going to make my project from Visual C#(Visual Studio 2010).. So i want some nice interfaces for my projects..

So that i have heard that Microsoft Expression Studio got the ability to make those nice interfaces.. Now Microsoft Expression Studio software is installed with me..

I Have 2 Questions..

1) My first question is can i create normal windows forms(Not WPF forms) with this scenario using Microsoft Expression Studio...?

2)Though yes or no i have prior experience of creating Windows forms from Visual Studio... can you give me some Tutorial Links(Video/Others) to this scenario...

Its better if its possible in normal forms without using WPF because i dont have any knowlage about WPF... And this is not a Web application this is Stand alone application..

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No, Expression doesn't support Winforms. If you have no experience with either Winforms or WPF then it makes sense to only focus on learning WPF. – Hans Passant Mar 24 '12 at 14:47
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Expression Blend is for WPF only.

You can try third party apps like Tekerik's VisualStyleBuilder for Winforms.

However, if this is a new application you may want to invest some time and learn WPF. There are some great Tutorials and Books on WPF out there.

Plus learning XAML will be helpful in building Windows 8 Metro apps.

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thank you sir.. i think it will realy help... – tharindlaksh Mar 25 '12 at 3:35

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