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I am new to RESTful services and their implementation on Spring 3. I would like your opinion on the best practices for returning type when a client creates a new resource in my server.

@RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.POST, 
value = "/organisation", 
headers = "content-type=application/xml")
public ??? createOrganisation(@RequestBody String xml) 
    StreamSource source = new StreamSource(new StringReader(xml));
    Organisation organisation = (Organisation) castorMarshaller.unmarshal(source);
    // save 
    return ???;
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A simple choice would be, found in the Java EE's own restful services package. It - simply - tells what the web server should answer to the HTTP request. For instance:

if (organisation != null)
  return Response.ok().build();
  return Response.serverError().build();

Custom response headers and other exotic things like that are possible with that return type too, but I don't think that would match with "best practices".

uh, I missed that @ResponseStatus(HttpStatus.CREATED)... I guess my answer was not much of help.

Maybe this will help instead: How to return generated ID in RESTful POST?

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This one will help… – Xiangyu Aug 24 at 9:35

I would go for a ResponseEntity<byte[]> and you would have take care of the marshalling of your response on your controller method. Notice that you are basically scrapping the V in MVC, there is a MarshallingView on Spring but from experience I consider the previous solution much more flexible and easier to understand.

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It is a good idea to return the newly created entity(with the generated id) wrapped in ResponseEntity. You can also set the HttpStatus in ResponseEntity based on the result of the operation.

     @RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.POST, 
         value   = "/organization", 
         headers = "content-type=application/xml")
     public ResponseEntity<Organization> createOrganisation(@RequestBody String xml) {
            StreamSource source = new StreamSource(new StringReader(xml));
            Organization organisation = (Organization) castorMarshaller.unmarshal(source);
            // save 
            return new ResponseEntity<Organization>(organization, HttpStatus.OK);
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