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i want to extract specific links from a website.

The links look like that:

<a href="1494761,offer-mercedes-used.html">

The links are always the same - except the brandname (mercedes in this case).

This works fine so far but only delivers the first part of the link:


And this delivers the first link with the whole website :(


Any ideas?

Note that i use preg_match_all() and not preg_match().

Thanks, Chama

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While .*? would do (= less greedy), in both cases you should specify a more precise pattern.

Here [\w.-]+ would do. But [^">]+ might also be feasible, if the HTML source is consistent (or you specifically wish to ignore other variations).

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Trying to parse xml/html with regex generally isn't a good idea, but if you're sure it will always be formatted well, this should return any links in the content.

/<a href="([^">]+)">/

This will more closely match only the example pattern you gave, but not sure what variations you might have

/<a href="([0-9]{7},offer-[a-z]+-used\.html)">/
// [7 numbers],offer-[at least one letter]-used.html
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