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I have two tables,Forms and Attributes. I'm tring to retrieve the last inserted id from the Forms table and insert it to the form_id column of the Attributes table, along with the other field columns.

Earlier I retrieved the form Id from the Forms table and used it to update the value of the Form name column. It worked fine.The code for that is given below:

function saveFormName($data)
       $this->data['Form']['id']=$this->find('all', array(
    								'fields' => array(''),
    								'order' => ' DESC'

But When I tried to do it in a similar way for updating the attributes table,the row is not saved in the database,since the value of $this->data['Form']['id'][0] is an 'Array'. Even in the saveFormName function, the value of $this->data['Form']['id'][0] is an 'Array',but the form name gets updated correctly. Someone explain me the concept.

function saveFieldEntries($data)
    	$this->data['Form']['id']=$this->find('all', array(
    								'fields' => array(''),
    								'order' => ' DESC'
          $this->data['Attribute']['form_id'] = $this->data['Form']['id'][0];

          $this->data['Attribute']['label']= 'Label';
          $this->data['Attribute']['sequence_no'] = $data['Attribute']['sequence_no'];


Ok, here is the corresponding code in the controller.

 function insertFormName()

    function insertFieldEntry()
	$this->data['Attribute']['sequence_no'] = $this->params['form']['sequence_no'];

The parameters form name,type and sequence no are passed to the controller from the corresponding view file.

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Please explain in further detail the process behind these two functions. How does the data arrive at each? Is there a form somewhere that gets posted and these functions are subsequently called by the relevant controller action? I think you're making this more difficult that it needs to be, but I can't really give a solution until I see more of the code (both models and controllers would be ideal, if you can swing it). – inkedmn Jun 12 '09 at 7:07
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$this->data['Form']['id'][0] holds an array because find('all') returns an array.

So if you need first ID from this array, you need to pick it properly in function saveFieldEntries:

$this->data['Attribute']['form_id'] = $this->data['Form']['id'][0]['Form']['id'];
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Thank you. It works fine.. – Angeline Jun 12 '09 at 11:17

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