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I am quiet new to Sass... I want to create some css with percentage values like:

width : 13%;

The value is the result of a sass number operation. Writing this

width : $main-width + "%"

scss code generates this:

width : "13%";

css, what is actually not working because it should be:

width : 13%;


width : $main-width %;

results in

width : 13 "%"

what also leads to a non working css-rule. Is there a way to make Sass print 13% plain, with no quotes?

Greetings philipp

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3 Answers

Think of units in Sass like variables in algebra instead of just concatenating strings.

In algebra: 2x * 3 = 6x

In Sass: 13 * 1% = 13%

Use this approach to do more advanced math. 10px * 3px = 30px*px

But px*px isn't a valid CSS unit so you have to cancel one out by dividing by 1px

30px*px / 1px = 30px

Hope this helps beyond your original question.

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unquote("%") does the trick.

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Sass's numerical values incorporate the quantity and unit. Add a unit to your definition and Sass will handle the rest:

$main-width: 13%

width: $main-width
// -> width: 13%

+ does addition only in Sass, never concatenation.

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