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I have the following select list.

<%= select_tag(:editlevel,options_from_collection_for_select(Level.all, :id, :name)) %>

When the user selects an option from the above list, the list below should be populated with values from database based on the above selection.

<%= select_tag(:lques,{},{ :size =>10, :style => "width:200px"}) %>

I think i should make use of a remote_function with the onchange event. But i have no idea on how to use it and populate the latter list the values from the database. Can someone help me please?

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A simple way that I solved this was:

<select id="editlevel" name="editlevel" onchange="
   <%= remote_function(
           :update => 'lques', 
           :url => {:action => :lques}, 
           :with => "'level=' + $('editlevel').value %>


<select id="lques" name="lques">

Then your lques action can just get what lques records you need and do a options_for_select and it should just put what comes back from the server as $('lques').innerHTML

This is air code, and it has not been tested.

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As a note, try and not use onchange and make the page use unobtrusive javascript when you must use javascript. There are plenty of examples on line where you could do something like: input.onchange = function() { populateFields(); } It makes the HTML cleaner to read when you get back to it and will give you the opportunity to DRY up your views should you need the same functionality again. –  Omar Qureshi Jun 12 '09 at 20:24

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