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I want to switch a object in a viewModel with an other, with the same type (e.g Person). If i do this:

var personViewModel = function (person) {
  var self = this; =;
  self.firstName = ko.observable(person.firstName);
  self.lastName = ko.observable(person.lastName);
  self.addresses = ko.observableArray(contact.addresses);

  self.removeAddress = function (address) {

and bind it with:

ko.applyBindings(new personViewModel(person), $("#person")[0]);

it works great on the first time, but if i bind it with a other object on a second time, the first binding will not disappear.

How can i switch easily the object person in my viewModel?

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You would basically want your entire view model to be observable, then swap in a new personViewModel object. Would be like:

var viewModel = {
  person: ko.observable()

viewModel.person(new personViewModel(person));


Then, just swap a new person in like:

viewModel.person(new personViewModel(newPerson));
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Great solution. Very neat and simple. I've been unhappy with using a global variable for the viewModel but had no idea how to get around it. Thanks for this – Peter Munnings Nov 7 '12 at 12:03

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