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I have some code that deletes and rebuilds a Lucene index if it is caught as corrupt and I would like to unit test this functionality. What is the best way to purposely corrupt a test FSDirectory and then perform unit tests on the corrupted index?

I am assuming only the File System directory can be corrupted, but if there is a way to simulate the same thing with the RAM Directory that would be even better as I prefer to use the RAM in my lucene unit tests.

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M-x butterfly? – Chris Mar 24 '12 at 19:14
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You can corrupt stuff in any directory, just use the Directory api directly to mess up index files.

For example, take a look at the logic in Lucene's MockDirectoryWrapper.crash() (used in unit tests) to simulate a machine crash (by screwing up any not-yet-fsynced files): it simulates this by truncating the file, zeroing part of the file, deleting the file completely, or fully truncating the file to a 0 byte file.

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Do you happen to have any links to a resource for setting up lucene unit tests? There doesn't seem to be a whole lot out there that I can find with Google. – ryandlf Mar 24 '12 at 21:10

Assuming one of the index files is at least 2K:

dd if=/dev/urandom of=<index file> bs=1K count=1 seek=1K
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