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I am using eclipse indigo, with subclipse 1.8, and the latest version of m2eclipse. However, due to the fact that the embedded version of maven within m2e is broken when performing releases, I have configured eclipse to use my maven installation located at e:/maven-3.0.3.

Instead of storing my settings.xml file in C:\Users\Sam.m2 like I normally would, I am now storing my settings.xml file in e:\maven-3.0.3\conf, for uniformity purposes. Since I am not using the embedded version of maven, it makes sense to use only one settings file, located where my external binary is.

Here is the problem - I have created a master password and stored it in settings-security.xml and put it in my c:\users\sam.m2 directory, according to the format on the maven mini-guide. I have also duplicated it and stored it in my e:\maven-3.0.3\conf directory. The settings-security file exists in both places, before I run "mvn --encrypt-password" from the command line. So then I do "mvn --encrypt-password myrepopass" after my master password is created, and settings-security.xml is located in both places.

When I put plain-text passwords in settings.xml, everything works fine. When I encrypt them using the master I have specified, I get this error when trying to do something which checks out from scm (such as mvn release:prepare). Not sure why this isn't working.

[ERROR] svn: E170001: OPTIONS of 'https://secure.myrepo.com/svn/scoresecret/trunk /scs-global-parent': authorization failed: Could not authenticate to server: rejected    Basic challenge (https://secure.myrepo.com)
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I'm not sure about your case, but in my practice encrypted passwords were used only to access Maven repositories and not SCM repositories. In what sections of settings.xml are you using your password? –  Andrew Logvinov Mar 25 '12 at 21:12
Taking what you've written here and incorporating it into an answer. You're basically right –  Sam Levin Mar 25 '12 at 21:39
I hope you don't use m2eclipse with Indigo, cause for Indigo you should use m2e ! –  khmarbaise Mar 26 '12 at 16:09
Can you give the snippet of the settings.xml and the appropriate scm area of your pom.xml ? –  khmarbaise Mar 26 '12 at 16:11

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It turns out that for some reason, the maven encryption mini-guide technique doesn't work with SCM servers - only artifact repositories. Not 100% sure why, but others have had the same issue.

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