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I'm trying build an App Engine connected Android application and am having some problems using the RequestFactory. In particular I noticed that the DeobfuscatorBuilder is appending an "L" to the beginning of my paths for some reason. Here are my logs:

03-24 14:56:44.789: I/dalvikvm(382): Failed resolving Lcsc440/nuf/shared/SMILMessageProxy;     interface 77 'Lcom/google/web/bindery/requestfactory/shared/ValueProxy;'
03-24 14:56:44.789: W/dalvikvm(382): Link of class 'Lcsc440/nuf/shared/SMILMessageProxy;' failed
03-24 14:56:44.789: W/dalvikvm(382): VFY: unable to find class referenced in signature   (Lcsc440/nuf/shared/SMILMessageProxy;)

I've traced the source to Google's GWT SDK in the class -

containing the following method:

  public String visitDeclared(DeclaredType x, State state) {
    return "L"
        + BinaryName.toInternalName(state.elements.getBinaryName((TypeElement) x.asElement())
        .toString()) + ";";

This seems wrong to me but I'm a novice, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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A class name starting with L is used in JNI to access Java classes from C code - "Ljava/lang/String" refers to the class java.lang.String source

The error you get is therefore in native code that does not find a class in csc440.nuf.shared.SMILMessageProxy

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Great, Thank you. – Brad Mar 25 '12 at 15:38

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