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I'd like to set up a CMS that allows clients to generate a PDF brochure from a series of text inputs and text areas (rich text editor). Clients would fill out text inputs and then select (via a check box) which contents should appear in the exported PDF. This would then stitch together a PDF brochure containing pages only applicable to the options chosen by the client.

All the content is in a CMS with web pages and pdfs built on the fly as per the client's choices. A change in the content is then reflected immediately in the published docs meaning no redundant, out of date pdfs and the benefit of all the tools within the CMS (workflow, publishing dates, security, etc).

Does anyone know of any tools that do this?

Appreciate any help.

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I notice you've tagged your question as .net - does the CMS and/or the PDF generating solution need to be in this language? – halfer Mar 24 '12 at 19:56
Yes, I'm looking for a .NET solution. – digipo Mar 27 '12 at 19:23
Something that can be called from .net, or does it actually have to be in .net? I suggested Jasper, as I don't know of any other F/OSS PDF reporting solution that comes close to it; it's Java, and is best set up on a separate server/vm, but very callable from any system (via SOAP). – halfer Mar 27 '12 at 19:34

well your question require a lot of work to be done. I had similar requirement and what i have done i can brief here. I created multiple views which lets me select their columns and i have used my own rules for differentiating columns from test like {view.columnname}. when your save all information i have used itextsharp for pdf generation.

There is plenty of information on itextsharp.

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Cool, I'll give it a shot. While researching I came across these ones as well: What do you think of them? Do you know any of them? First one seems to be a good solution, isn't it? – digipo Mar 27 '12 at 19:26

You might be able to do this with design tools and reporting software, plugged into your CMS of choice. For example, you could use Wordpress, and then design your PDF output using iReport, and run it with Jasper. You'd have to work on the bit to translate user inputs to a query passed to the report, but that shouldn't be too much work.

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