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How can I programatically check whether a Web Site has Silverlight debugging enabled (ie, whether the "Silverlight" checkbox under "Property Pages->Start Options" is checked)?

I know that for a Web Application (WAP), I can check this via EnvDTE ( by checking project.Properties.Item("WebApplication.SilverlightDebugging").Value), but for a Web Site, I can't find an equivalent property.

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For a Web Site project, there are properties named EnableASPXDebugging, EnableUnmanagedDebugging, and EnableSQLServerDebugging, but strangely there is no EnableSilverlightDebugging property. This might be a bug in Visual Studio.

Properties for Web Site projects are saved to the following file:


As a last resort, you can parse the file and read the value of the enablesilverlightdebugging attribute for your particular <Website>. Unfortunately, it seems that this file does not get updated until the project is closed, so the file may be out of sync with the actual setting.

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Thank you very much. Any idea about how I could possibly force a refresh of the Websites.xml file? – Omer Raviv Apr 8 '12 at 12:05
I'm afraid not. You might want to open an issue on Microsoft Connect and see what they say. – Michael Liu Apr 8 '12 at 13:53

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