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I know how to check if a parameter is null but i am not sure how to check if its empty ... I have these parameters and I want to check the previous parameters are empty or null and then set them like below

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[GetSummary]
    @PreviousStartDate NVARCHAR(50) ,
    @PreviousEndDate NVARCHAR(50) ,
    @CurrentStartDate NVARCHAR(50) ,
    @CurrentEndDate NVARCHAR(50)
    IF(@PreviousStartDate IS NULL OR EMPTY)
        SET @PreviousStartdate = '01/01/2010'  for example..

I would appreciate the help.

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I sometimes use NULLIF like so...

IF NULLIF(@PreviousStartDate, '') IS NULL

There's probably no reason it's better than the way suggested by @Oded and @bluefeet, just stylistic preference.

@danihp's method is really cool but my tired old brain wouldn't go to COALESCE when I'm thinking is null or empty :-)

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Hi Rex, since I have read your answer, I moved to your notation. –  danihp Apr 24 '12 at 13:31

I use coalesce:

IF ( COALESCE( @PreviousStartDate, '' ) = '' ) ...
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Here is the general pattern:

IF(@PreviousStartDate IS NULL OR @PreviousStartDate = '')

'' is an empty string in SQL Server.

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I think it should be: IF(@PreviousStartDate IS NULL OR @PreviousStartDate = '') –  Pavel Hodek Dec 19 '12 at 23:03

What about combining coalesce and nullif?

SET @PreviousStartDate = coalesce(nullif(@PreviousStartDate, ''), '01/01/2010')
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you can use:

IF(@PreviousStartDate IS NULL OR @PreviousStartDate = '')
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The same code as Oded and the same misspell? –  Pavel Hodek Dec 19 '12 at 23:06
@pavel thanks for pointing out the missin @ sign but you can see from the time stamp they were posted at the same time. –  bluefeet Dec 19 '12 at 23:38

Another option:

IF ISNULL(@PreviousStartDate, '') = '' ...

see a function based on this expression at http://weblogs.sqlteam.com/mladenp/archive/2007/06/13/60231.aspx

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I recommend checking for invalid dates too:

set @PreviousStartDate=case ISDATE(@PreviousStartDate) 
    when 1 then @PreviousStartDate 
        else '1/1/2010'
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IF NULLIF(ISNULL(@PreviousStartDate,''),'') IS NULL SET @PreviousStartdate = '01/01/2010'

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If you want a "Null, empty or white space" check, you can avoid unnecessary strimg manipulation with LTRIM and RTRIM like this.

IF COALESCE(PATINDEX('%[^ ]%', @parameter), 0) > 0
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If you want to use a parameter is Optional so use it.

CREATE PROCEDURE uspGetAddress @City nvarchar(30) = NULL, @AddressLine1 nvarchar(60) = NULL
    SELECT *
    FROM AdventureWorks.Person.Address
    WHERE City = ISNULL(@City,City)
    AND AddressLine1 LIKE '%' + ISNULL(@AddressLine1 ,AddressLine1) + '%'
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