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I am trying to develop a Facebook application which shows me all the content of an user id's events.

I found that I can use FQL for that and I used uid,eid,rsvp_status FROM event_member WHERE uid =me()

However, I am clueless how to use this query further. I got the JSON results and would probably be using JSON Object and JSON parser and would love to do it in JavaScript on the frontend, but how do I login for a user and then display the results on the frontend?

I would not prefer PHP but HTML/JavaScript for the task.

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You should use the JavaScript SDK. There are some methods there which make dealing with FQL easier. I am not sure why, but the documentation for these features is hard to find on their site.

Once you have a valid Facebook session established (which I assume you know how to do - if you don't see:, you can make async FQL queries like this:

var q = FB.Data.query("SELECT uid,eid,rsvp_status FROM event_member WHERE uid =me()");
q.wait(function(result) {  console.log(result); });

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