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Is it possible to have the following conditions:

  1. L2 caching enabled in NHibernate
  2. Multiple classes mapped to a single table
  3. Editing one class updates the information in the other class within the NHibernate L2 cache.

In my application, for some of my larger objects I have "small" classes with just a couple properties for data transfer, and then "large" versions for editing. In this way I can quickly load up a list of items for the user to pick from, and then only load the rest of the properties if the user wants to edit that entity.

I've found that if I edit a "large" entity, and later attempt to retrieve a "small" entity, the small entity's information is not updated with the new information (of course the info in question is common to both classes). I'm making extensive use of the L2 cache, so I am guessing that NHibernate isn't able to map the changes from the large entity to the small entity? If that is the case, is my only option to drop caching support from the small entities? I suppose I could also load and save the small version as well at the same time when the large version is saved, although that seems like a hack (and really there's more to it than this simple example so I'd rather not do that).

Really simple illustration of the domain in question:

/* EntityDto is just a base class with an Id */
public class SimpleAdDto : EntityDto<SimpleAdDto>
    public virtual string Name { get; set; }
    /* more properties */

public class FullAdDto : EntityDto<FullAdDto>
    public virtual string Name { get; set; }
    /* lots more properties */

Both classes map to the same base table; FullAdDto just has more properties in it. If I edit FullAdDto's name, the updated name is not reflected in SimpleAdDto in the cache.

I have not experimented with inheritance at all, would this resolve my issue if I somehow have FullAdDto be a subclass of SimpleAdDto?

Thanks in advance!

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No one has any idea? –  Eric Mar 26 '12 at 1:00
I have not experimented with the caching at all, but I would expect a get to be needed after a save of a different object to refresh a cache, you could try it with inheritance and joined subclasses.. nhibernate might know better what you are trying to do. An option might be 1 class and use lazy loading to get your summary's and then only the full details when needed, 1 object 1 cache :). This post is getting old, I'm sure you've come to a solution by now... how did it go? did inheritance make a difference? Or did you scrap the caching? –  PJUK Jun 7 '12 at 9:47
Unfortunately I was never able to resolve this specific issue and I was running into a time crunch. What I ended up doing was using caching for the "main" classes, and just not use caching for the smaller ones. They were more lightweight and less frequently used anyway, so I figured it was less of a hit. My guess is that inheritance would solve this but I did not experiment with it. –  Eric Jun 17 '12 at 2:17

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