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I am writing a simple chat program that shows different dialogs in different tabs of a JTabbedPane. I used a JTextArea to display the dialog. I added a JTextArea to the tab like this:

 JTextArea referenceToAppend = new JTextArea();
 JTabbedPane.addTab(title,new JPanel(new JScrollBar(referenceToAppend)));

I put the reference referenceToAppend into a List, then when I need to append text I do the following :


The problem is: my application becomes unresponsive. How can I solve this problem? I looked up a lot of information on forums and of course, Oracle. I can't find what I need. Maybe I was inattentive or may be I am not understanding something simple. I will be very grateful if someone could give a simple example or link to another forum where they discuss this problem.

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It sounds like you're blocking the Event Dispatch Thread. Posting more of your code, or an SSCCE, will help us help you. – Jeffrey Mar 24 '12 at 22:25
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Take a look at SwingWorker. It allows you to perform operations in a background thread an report information to the Event Dispatch Thread. If you need to block on a socket read, you need to do that on a background thread to keep the UI responsive.

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Thanks a lot Jeffrey and Devon_C_Miller ! I was known about single thread model in swing but thought that operation of appending text will not take much time.But as I understand the problem is much deeper - I must work with swing components only in EDT.The next code solve all my problems: new SwingWorker(){ public Object doInBackGround(){return null} public void done(){JTextArea.append(text)} }.execute(); Thanks A Lot !! – Anton Putov Mar 25 '12 at 8:25

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