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I need some idea in Saving the Form entries.

In my app, I have designed the form using Cakephp and JQuery, saved the form and I can view the form.

While I fill the entries in the form it is saved in my results table. My results table schema looks like this: (id, form_id, attribute_id, label, value)

I can view the form n times and can fill the data n times ... But I didn't kept anything regarding Entry Number ...

Like if I submitted my form once it should be the Entry 1 ..And later on if I open the form again and fill it it should be the entry 2. How can I accomplish this?

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Would you remove the code formatting tags from your text? Makes it a bit difficult to read (I know, I'm being lame). –  inkedmn Jun 12 '09 at 15:38
Also, this is question is rather difficult to answer without seeing actual source code. –  inkedmn Jun 12 '09 at 15:39

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If you want to count the numer of times you've revised each row in your table, then simply create a column named revision_number in your table with a default of 0. Then in your model do something like this:

function beforeSave() {
  $currentRevision = $this->field('revision_number');
  $this->data[$this->alias]['revision_number'] = ($currentRevision + 1);
  return parent::beforeSave()

This will increment your field every time you save the item.

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