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Hey guys I have what should be a simple question, but I am new to C# so I am having just a little problem. I am using the following connection:

SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(@"Server=myservername\SQLEXPRESS;Database=Names;");

I have also tried to include user id and password but my login always fails.

I think this is because I am not really sure what username and password to use.

With my sql server I am using windows authentication... if that helps.

does anyone know which username and password I should be using? or another way to do this?

I have seen that I may need to turn remote access on in my sql settings, can anyone tell me how to do that?


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Your connection string should specify that integrated authentication (Windows authentication) has to be used. Otherwise it tries to do SQL user/password authentication, which is disabled on the SQL Server by default, and if enabled it doesn't authenticate against Windows users.

Server=.\SQLEXPRESS;Database=YourDatabaseName;Integrated Security=SSPI;

Remote access is only required if your application and the SQL Server Express instance aren't on the same machine (which is why the sample connection string here has a . for the server name, which represents the local server).

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This is what you need or Trusted_Connection=True; which means the same thing, connectionstrings.com, specifying the user and password only works for SQL auth not windows auth –  Luke McGregor Mar 25 '12 at 0:38
True, they are in fact interchangeable, but Trusted_Connection seems to be an ODBC relict so I avoid it. –  Lucero Mar 25 '12 at 0:42

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