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I have an application that does the following:

  • Gets rows from a mysql table (sometimes there might be over 10,000 or so rows to process)
  • Send data from these rows to a third party site

And it also does the following:

  • Every second, there is a daemon that creates a process that handles processing for an entity.

  • So when the entity is going to take place, a daemon uses the nohup php command to execute php code that handles that entity.

I want to make sure the application is efficient and works even when there are large rows in the database or a lot of php nohups to execute.

What settings should I set in my.cnf and php.ini and httpd.conf that allows large sites to scale? I know this might depend on a lot of situations, but can you guys please help me figure out how I would know what to set for these settings?..

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  • MySQL - I would recommend using Percona vs vanilla MySQL. Their documentation has several references to my.cnf settings you can tweak to improve performance, reliability and stability.

  • PHP - PHPLens has an older article, but a lot of the information still holds true, as well as some of the proposed .ini setting changes.

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This help at all? –  Mike Purcell Apr 11 '12 at 21:42

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