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I am trying LDAP/Active directory authentication. This code is working perfectly, I can authenticate. My question is - How do I retrieve user information from AD? I want to read firstname, lastname, fullname, email etc from AD for the authenticated user.

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In LDAP, users do not authenticate, connections are authenticated. Once the authorization state of the connection has been established (by a successful bind request), code that desires to retrieve information from the directory must transmit a search request to the directory server and then interpret the response.

Search requests must contain a minimum the following parameters:

  • the base object at which the search starts (no objects above the base objects are returned)
  • the scope of the search: base is the base object itself, one is the base object and one level below thw base object, sub is the base object and all entries below the base object.
  • a filter which limits the entries returned to those entries which match the assertion in the filter

A list of attributes can also be supplied, though many, but not all, LDAP APIs will request all user attributes if none are supplied in the search request.

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