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I have a C# Windows application that uses a SQL server to store its data. The application uses LINQ to SQL to access the data from the database.

One of the problems I am having is the inability to figure out how to encrypt certain data in the database (for example passwords). There could be many instances of the application running on the network at any one time, and they all need access to the encrypted data, so I need a method that will be global.

I've seen solutions such as a symmetric encryption (with the keys wrapped using RSA), but I have no clue how to implement this so that each instance of the application can access the private keys etc.

Any suggestions would be welcome!

Thanks in advance.

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Please check these links: C# What is the easiest way to encrypt a password when I save it to the registry?


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I should have been more specific. The password is required to be decrypted as the consumer (of which I have no control over) expects the passwords in plain text. The application will zero the password in memory as soon as it is used, however. –  scidoner Mar 25 '12 at 3:45

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