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If I need to build a website that allows users to update their content (personal information), and I also need to create a login system (accounts for users), does it make sense to build this from scratch using HTML/PHP, or should I go with something like Drupal or Wordpress? I don't know too much HTML/CSS/PHP but I've never touched a CMS like Drupal before.

Thanks for the advice!

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well if you don't know much about those subjects then i'd suggest that you use use wordpress. it extremely easy for majority of people to pick up, has oodles of plug-ins, and tons of support.

also, in my experience i've found drupal to be a tad bit steep for most people to pick up.

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Use a CMS. Developing anything beyond very basic functionality from scratch is generally a waste of time and is likely to result in an insecure system that doesn't easily scale or allow you to add additional functionality.

Both Wordpress and Drupal will do what you describe, I prefer Drupal as a more flexible and secure platform.

I'm somewhat unclear on what you are trying to accomplish but if you are looking to give users the ability to sign up for the website and attach additional information to their profile I'd use the Profile 2 module with Drupal to build out the extra profile fields you'd like to track.

I'm not as familiar with the Wordpress module landscape but a quick search finds the Cimy User Extra Fields plugin which appears to have similar functionality.

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if I have an existing MySQL database, can Wordpress work with this database rather than having to create a WPDB? thanks for the advice! – Apollo Mar 25 '12 at 14:40
btw I'm a real noob to wordpress, so this question will probably seem naive, but does wordpress power actual websites, not just blogs? @Chris Cothrun – Apollo Mar 25 '12 at 14:45
@derek.lo yes wordpress powers actual websites(i've built several) it's actually quite simple to do(you'd change the home page to be an actual page and not blog post) wordpress just comes pre-built with blog functionality. – zero Mar 26 '12 at 13:01
great, thanks a lot man @code wombat – Apollo Mar 26 '12 at 15:45

You can use buddypress framework which runs above wordpress. It comes with built in capabilities to create a social networking type web site. No need to do coding and theming. Lot of themes and plugins are available in internet to extend its default look and behaviour. Wordpress is very easy to use and you can implement addons as plugins to extend its capability. Buddypress is an addon for wordpress to create community websites. Also many video tutorials are there for learning wordpess development. Visit and

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