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Hi have an ip address that has an FTP already setup on it (port 21).

When I add another FTP site in IIS with the same IP and Port it says it cannot start because of a duplicate binding already in IIS.

So I'm curious if I bind the new FTP site with the same IP but will a different port work?

If so, which other port would work or be recommended for this, i suppose i would have to open access on Windows Firewall as well, so i just want to make sure it doesn't open the server up to any potential exploits by exposing the port.

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You can use any port not already in use. Running netstat from an elevated command prompt will give you a list of ports in use. People usually use port 2121 or 8021 as an alternative port for FTP.

Although some ports are more frequently scanned by hackers, no port is intrinsically more insecure than others.

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