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I have a very specific requirement that I can't find a charting library for. I need to show multiple stacked column or step-area charts on the same 3D axes to compare multiple periods of time to each other - for example, the y axis would show sales volume with regions stacked above each other, the x axis hours of the day and the z axis selected days to compare. In addition, I'd like the chart to be real 3D and draggable rather than a basic static isometric view.

There is an expensive Java library that may be able to do an isometric version of the chart I need called EasyCharts; it's visual quality isn't as good as I'd like. None of the Flash libraries I found (AnyChart, FusionCharts, XML/SWF Charts) can combine multiple stacked charts.

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I suggest you try, which will really help you to do what you want. It's for Java. Regards, Martin

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Why have you tagged this as a Java question if you're primarily interested in Flash?

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I seem to have edited the question into near-incomprehensibilty. I've fixed that. –  Andrew Duffy Jun 13 '09 at 22:31

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