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I want to make an App Engine connected Android app, and I'm beginning with google's tutorial available here :

First I have eclipse 3.7 Indigo, App Engine plugin 1.6.1, and GWT 2.4.0, ADT 17,Android SDK 17,Win 7 Ultimate.

I did exactly as they did (registered into C2DM service, installed plugins, signed on in eclipse with my google acc, etc...)

When i create project,it error : tool\lib\Proguard.cfg (the file can't be found). And i copied it from Android SDK 16 T_T,and it workly. I can connect from GWT clien( to Google app engine(http://localhost:8888/_ah/admin ) But when I clicked at Connect button in emulator to connect with Google App engine - step f in guide (i had sighed up with google acc), it error, eclipse debug jump at code : C2DMessaging.register(mContext, Setup.SENDER_ID),I cannot do anything with emulator;

Any idea ? Thanks very much for help.

If somebody have a example sourcode project App Engine Connected Android,please share for me, I cannot find exam about it.

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Picture about error : – Endymion Mar 25 '12 at 5:06

Hoang, have you seen this session on Google I/O 2011? This is a very good demo with sample code. Please have a look and see if it helps:)

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I have read and donne follow it, and i have error above. I cannot find how to download source code at Can you help me check them? thanks all – Endymion Mar 25 '12 at 15:36

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