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I want to using Linq to help make a list of movies an actor was in. I am currently trying to use this query:

XDocument doc = XDocument.Load(reqUrl);
            var items = (from c in doc.Descendants("filmography")
                         select new Actor
                             Filmograpgy = c.Element("link").Value,


But I get an error when I am trying to assign a value to Filmography. This query return a list with one element with a blank Filmography. How do I assign those links to a list? I have attached the value of c.

   <link href="http://api.netflix.com/catalog/titles/movies/70213511" rel="http://schemas.netflix.com/catalog/title" title="Rock of Ages"></link>
   <link href="http://api.netflix.com/catalog/titles/movies/70173048" rel="http://schemas.netflix.com/catalog/title" title="Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol"></link>
   <link href="http://api.netflix.com/catalog/titles/movies/70127226" rel="http://schemas.netflix.com/catalog/title" title="Knight and Day"></link>
   <link href="http://api.netflix.com/catalog/titles/movies/70125259" rel="http://schemas.netflix.com/catalog/title" title="Together: The Hendrick Motorsports Story"></link>
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The problem is that your code assumes there is a single link element, but there are many - also you probably don't want its value (which is empty) but e.g. the title attribute:

 Filmography = c.Elements("link")
                .Select(x => x.Attribute("title").Value)

Above assumes the Filmography property is a List<string> which contains the film titles. That's the best I can do given that you don't show the class definition of Actor and what data you actually meant to query for.

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You need to pull out the href attribute. Value would get the value between the link tag <link>VALUE</link>.

You need:


Also, you are only getting one value because you are performing your select based on the selection of the root node (filmography).

    <link>THIS WILL BE IGNORED</link>
    <link>THIS WILL BE IGNORED</link>
    <link>THIS WILL BE IGNORED</link>

If you want each link then you need to make your query find those elements, THEN select what you need from each one

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