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I'm building a web application that is aimed at developers. I assumed that most web developers would be using a modern browser, and thus would have support for WebSockets. Is there any need, then, for socket.io? Or maybe I'm just being naive about this?

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WebSockets support is very limited. The current release version of Internet Explorer (IE 9) doesn't even support the current WebSockets specification. You need IE 10+, Firefox 11+, Chrome 16+, or a nightly build of Safari.


So it's a pretty big assumption that most web developers are using a browser that supports it.

Also, think about enterprise web developers. Often their corporate users are all running some older version of a browser (almost always IE) that the company has standardized on (usually to support some older Line of Business app).

In fact, 7% of all internet users and 25% of Chinese users are still using IE 6.

There will likely be plenty of need for socket.io for the foreseeable future.

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Many proxy servers and firewalls break websockets. Use http://socket.io-test.com to test.

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