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I am having a string "LLLTTTLTLLLTT". The number of L's and T's are dynamic.

I tried to use regex "L+T+" its not working as the number of occurrence is not only once. Can any once tell the right regex pattern to match?

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Or try this regexp:


The ( ) are not necessary depending what you want to achieve

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try this:


Basically, you are matching the patter "L+T+" more than one time.

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Your regex imposes the requirement that the string begins with an L. – Kaz Mar 25 '12 at 6:59

Unless there is a clear requirement that the string cannot be empty, it is [LT]*.

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How about


I am assuming that the string can start either with a L or a T

Or as user1290772 has pointed out, the equivalant would be

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Try this:


Which means a combination of Ls and then Ts one or more times.
Bu this promises that it starts with L.

If you want either, try:

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((X)+)+ is algebraically equal to (X)+ – Kaz Mar 25 '12 at 6:58

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