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I am developing a web application in PHP, I need to transfer many objects from server as JSON string, is there any library existing for PHP to convert object to JSON and JSON String to Objec, like Gson library for Java...

thanks in advance...

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This should do the trick!

// convert object => json
$json = json_encode($myObject);

// convert json => object
$obj = json_decode($json);

Here's an example

$foo = new StdClass();
$foo->hello = "world";
$foo->bar = "baz";

$json = json_encode($foo);
echo $json;
//=> {"hello":"world","bar":"baz"}

// stdClass Object
// (
//   [hello] => world
//   [bar] => baz
// )

If you want the output as an Array instead of an Object, pass true to json_decode

print_r(json_decode($json, true));
// Array
// (
//   [hello] => world
//   [bar] => baz
// )    

More about json_encode()

See also: json_decode()

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one problem I am dealing with now is -- using json_decode(), I get an stdClass object, not my original object. I could use serialize/unserialize, but my objects change structure over time even if slightly, rendering serialize unusable. – Dennis Mar 25 '15 at 20:41
@Dennis unserialize will always return an instance of stdClass, this does not make it unusable. You could easily design you API to support something like $attrs = unserialize($json); $person = new Person($attrs); Your Person constructor can then assign the attributes accordingly. – maček Mar 27 '15 at 0:42
json_decode($json, true); 
// the second param being true will return associative array. This one is easy.
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for more extendability for large scale apps use oop style with encapsulated fields.

Simple way :-

  class Fruit implements JsonSerializable {

        private $type = 'Apple', $lastEaten = null;

        public function __construct() {
            $this->lastEaten = new DateTime();

        public function jsonSerialize() {
            return [
                'category' => $this->type,
                'EatenTime' => $this->lastEaten->format(DateTime::ISO8601)

echo json_encode(new Fruit()); //which outputs:


Real Gson on PHP :-

  4. - serialize only
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