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For converting Windows data file to Unix data file, I'm using dos2unix command but it's not executing. It's giving me the following message:

$ dos2unix new_request.txt testing.txt
ksh: dos2unix:  not found.
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2 Answers

You either don't have dos2unix or it is not in your system's path. Do one of the following:

  • download dos2unix, maybe from here.
  • put the dos2unix executable in the folder you're doing the conversion in.
  • put dos2unix in your system path.
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If you don't have dos2unix on your system, you can approximate it with

tr -d '\015' <dos.txt >unix.txt

The syntax for tr varies somewhat between systems; check that the output is what you expect, and consult the local tr man page if not. You want to remove the carriage return characters (ASCII 13, hex 0x0D, ctrl-M, aka \r) from the file.

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