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I'm a newbie in Django and I'm trying to port my vanilla php application to Python/Django. In my project, I want to let users authenticate using regular registration/login form or through social authentications like facebook, google and twitter.

I searched on google and stackoverflow for similar questions and came to know about django-social-auth, django-allauth, django-socialregistration etc. I tried django-allauth but failed to implement it properly resulting in lots of template syntax errors.

My questions are :

1) Which one should I choose for my requirements - regular + social authentication? Any live website where I can test it?

2) Which one is most used in live production sites?

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django-social-auth is fantastic, has a good support community and is very quick to set up. You can run it easily alongside regular auth and will also work nicely alongside django-registration and django-profiles (I've used all 3 together before). It also has a demo.

It's also the most watched on Github when you compare it to the others on django packages which is a good indication of it's popularity.

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Integrating separate packages can be a real pain. If you use django-allauth this work has already been done for you....

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I stumbled upon this review of four django social auth apps.

The top two are:

  • django-allauth
  • django-social-auth

At the time it was written, allauth had the lead but I believe (from looking at the github projects) that nowadays django-social-auth is more popular

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