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When defining an Ontology using OWL, is there a way to say that a class

  • should always be an Anonymous Node (no rdf:about="...") e.g. <my:FamousQuote/>
  • is abstract and any Instance of this class should always use a subClass

(edited here:)

  • that a DataTypeProperty should match a regular expression ?


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OWL (in general) is about entailments given a set of RDF, not about validation (especially with regards to structure).

  • There is no way in OWL 1.1 to know if a node is anonymous or not. OWL 2 does not seem to support this either (via a owl:Restriction, for example).
  • For the abstract class requirement, this post on the Protege mailing list has some ideas on how to do this.
  • OWL 1.1 DatatypeProperties do not support "validation" of a given statement's object. OWL 2 has datatype facets (including xsd:pattern) which you could potentially use.

Update: You may be able to use SPIN to query the graph structure and contents in order to infer new triples.

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