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Suppose I declared an array as following:

int myArr = [someSize];

Now I put n elements (where n is not known exactly but n < someSize) in it like this

 myArray[0] = 12;
 myArray[1] = 23;
 and so on .....

Now I want to know is there any way to find out exactly how many elements have been entered by the user.

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If you know that there is some value that can't be put into the array (i.e. it is checked and disallowed beforehand), then you can initialise every element of the array to that, and then just do a count. e.g. if the array is initialised to -1:

int count = 0;
for (i = 0; i < someSize; i++) {
    if (myArr[i] != -1) count++;
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No, if that's all you have you can't figure it out. C does not internally store the number of array elements written to.

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You can't get any such information from the array. If you need it, you'll want to record it. When I've needed this, I've usually used something like:

struct myArray_t { 
    size_t next_element;
    int arr[somesize];

When you create this, you set next_element to 0, and to add an element, you use something like myArr.arr[myArr.next_element++] = whatever;

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