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Here's a question about software design. I'll give a concrete (but hypothetical) example that is easy to understand.

Imagine I am creating a daily deals website. I have two classes Deal and Merchant. In general should the createDeal() method be on the Deal class or the Merchant class?

The Deal class is a Deal so it makes sense to be there.

The Merchant is the one that creates the deal, so it makes sense to be there.

Or there may be a hybrid answer, or perhaps no specific answer.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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It depends on how you decide to make the App work.

You can implement the Deal class to serve instances of itself (for instance a Singleton, but here is not the case), or you can have a method within the Merchant that calls for a new Deal.

In pseudo code, I think that your best approach should look similar to:

Class Merchant
  method offer_deal(var item, var discount)
    deal = new Deal();
    deal.item = item;
    deal.price = item.price * (1-discount);
    return deal;



I hope that helps you!!

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Yes, from real-world perspective it would make sense, if Merchant created each Deal.

But it falls apart when it comes to programming. Actually what you should have an instance of DealBuilder (or factory .. there is a difference), which you provide to the Merchant in the constructor. Then the merchant can use this builder to create new Deal and add it to his list of current deals.


There is another way to organize this: you can create the instances of Deal outside the Merchant, and then addDeal to the merchant's "pool" of deals.

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I think there is a "has a" relationship between "Deal" and "Marchent". If I am not wrong then "Marchent" has "Deal". "Deal" may be singular or plural.

My suggession you should Keep it in "Marchent".

But it totally depends on your requirement and architecture.

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