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I am using fsockopen() to send data via TCP to a remote host:

$s = fsockopen($host, $port);
fwrite($s, $data);

How can I detect afterwards if the connection was closed (with a FIN) or aborted (with a RST) by the remote host?

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Annoyingly, you can't (AFAIK). You can detect whether the socket has been closed or aborted before your call fclose() with feof(), but you can't determine which it is. Although I do wonder how useful this information would be, after all a dead socket is a dead socket, no matter what happened to it. – DaveRandom Mar 30 '12 at 9:03

According to the documentation socket_last_error() and socket_send() can be helpful for you:

socket_send() returns the number of bytes sent, or FALSE on error. 
socket_last_error() returns the last error on the socket  

I believe, that PHP is able to detect if the connection was closed, however not sure about this.

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