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I need to draw this torus here (where you connect the horizontal and vertical sides to get the 3D object. The iGraph package has at least random geometric graphs something, more here, but apparently not for drawing this kind of detailed torus below.

enter image description here

R: a bit torus-looking but without labels and decorations etc

d <- 1e6
R <- 9
r <- 2
a <- 0:(d*pi)/30
b <- 0:(d*pi)/40
plot3d(x = (R + r*cos(a)) * cos(b),
       y = (R + r*cos(a)) * sin(b),
       z = r * sin(a))

Perhaps related

  1. How do I install the R package rgl on Ubuntu 9.10, using R version 2.12.1?

Some examples with High-end Software for inspiration

  1. Mathematica demo here, here, WA demo here --.

  2. Maple demo here, --.

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Your R code generates a random graph (using the distance on a torus), and then arranges the nodes to plot the graph on the plane. You probably do not want a random graph, and you probably do not want the nodes to be rearranged to make the graph as planar as possible. If you want 3D plots, you can check the Rgl package: that should be close to what Maple/Mathematica do. –  Vincent Zoonekynd Mar 25 '12 at 13:35

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