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I run Win7x64 under MacOs (Lion) via VMware Fusion. On this Win7 i run simple WCF service, wich i succesful consume from client on win7. Now i need consume this service from my MonoTouch solution, but i can't generate WCF proxy. When i try to generate proxy via MonoDevelope i get next error: enter image description here But i can succesul get WSDL from web browser: enter image description here What was my mistake?

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I've done this recently - instead of using the MonoDevelop tools, use SlSvcUtil from the Silverlight 3, 4 or 5 SDK under Windows - then just transfer the file(s) across to the Mac

This tutorial is pretty much exactly what I did:

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Possibly the high port number is disallowed. Try a lower port such as 81.

I have had problems like this before which have been solved by using a lower port.

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Unfortunately, it's doesn't help. – Сергей Шулик Mar 25 '12 at 12:06

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