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I have two question to ask, they're easy, but bothering me for a while.

I access my .NET test WebService, and it return two parameters to me.

One is a date data just like "/Date(1332399761677+0800)/", and I dont know

how to format it to the normal date format.

Two is a NSString data looks like "12000.00000",and I want to change it to

the format like this:"12000.00".

So,please help me with this two problems. Thank you in advance.

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1332399761677 looks like a Unix date, so if you grab that part of the string, use NSString doubleValue to turn it into a double, then use NSDate dateWithTimeIntervalSince1970:, you should be able to get a date. +0800 looks like a timezone, but you wouldn't need the timezone to get the date given a Unix date: 1332399761677 would specify a specific point in time, irrespective of timezones.

As for "12000.00000", you would use doubleValue to make it into a double, make an NSNumberFormatter with its maximumFractionDigits and minimumFractionDigits set to 2, then use stringFromNumber:.

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Thank you, let me have a try. –  jxdwinter Mar 25 '12 at 12:20

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