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Hey guys i am using the Full Calender jQuery plugin.

I wanted to store the events and retrieve thru LocalStorage HTML5.

And i have achieved storing part using JSON and got back the item from localstorage item by JSON Parse.

nw when i loop thru the JSON value ( for more then 50 values ) and assign the same to the events object its not working correclty.

Here is my loop ( Sample )

var vEvents = '[';

for(i=1; i<=1; i++)
    vEvents += '{ "title": "new appointment", "start": "12-MAR-2012 14:00"  }';

vEvents += ']';

and it Assignin like this

events: vEvents,

Here is the console log o/p :-

[{ "title": "new appointment", "start": "12-MAR-2012 14:00"  }]

The fullcalender is not fetching the correct o/p , whereas if i put it like below ( static ) its working correctly.

var vEvents = [{ "title": "new appointment", "start": "12-MAR-2012 14:00"  }];

Kindly help me on the same please.

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In the first case, you are merely appending a string, whereas fullcalendar expects an object (that is why the second case works). Before storing the data in the localStorage, simply convert it to JSON string.

localStorage.eventsList = JSON.stringify(vEvents);

And convert it back to an object when retrieving from the store

var events = JSON.parse(localStorage.eventsList);
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Hey thanks for your feedback... i am just doing the same thing which u mentioned.i just posted the my sample code here...before stroing it i am using the JSON.stringify and getting the back the results by JSON.parse. but still its not displaying the correct o/p when i copy and paste the same looped o/p to a new txt file and call the txt file like events : 'events.txt' i am getting the correct o/p. – Harry Mar 25 '12 at 14:19
I've added a simple demo based on my understanding of your need. jsfiddle.net/cz55S – Checksum Mar 26 '12 at 2:16
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Thanks for your effort. This is how I store:

calendar.fullCalendar('renderEvent',{title: title,start: start,
                            end: end,
                            allDay: allDay,
                            description :'test',
                            save : localStorage.setItem("iCals"+eventIdLocal, JSON.stringify({"title": title, "start": start,"end" : end , "allDay" : allDay }))


and this is how I retrieve back:

var eventIdLocal = localStorage.getItem("getiCalsEventIdiCals");

        var title;

        valeventsiCals = '[';  

        for(i=1; i<=eventIdLocal; i++)
            var numval = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem("iCals"+i));

            valeventsiCals += '{"id" :"'+i+'"',
            valeventsiCals += ',"title" :"'+numval.title+'"',
            valeventsiCals += ',"start" :"'+numval.start+'"';

            valeventsiCals += "},";  

        valeventsiCals +='}]';
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fixed it. events: jQuery.parseJSON(valeventsiCals) which will convert the sting to JSON Object – Harry Mar 26 '12 at 10:07
how to remove the msdropdown jquery option value kindly do the needful. – Harry Apr 18 '12 at 14:25
could share your code about how you save the events to the localstorage? – Eva Mariam Aug 21 '14 at 6:31

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