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I use Eclipse and Ivy. Ivy in some library do not download source code. For example, the library, such as Colt:

<dependency org="colt" name="colt" rev="1.2.0"/>

With H2 database, help this configuration:

<dependency org="com.h2database" name="h2" rev="1.3.164" conf="default->master,sources" />

How to set up ivy.xml that always download sources?

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You can specify a default configuration mapping to ensure that sources are always included

<configurations defaultconfmapping="default->master,sources"/>

   <dependency org="colt" name="colt" rev="1.2.0"/>
   <dependency org="com.h2database" name="h2" rev="1.3.164"/>

For more information on configuration mappings read this answer

How are maven scopes mapped to ivy configurations by ivy

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It does not work for the colt library. Do you know why? –  user1206570 Mar 25 '12 at 18:20
Because the colt module has no source jar. Check out the Maven Central search site: search.maven.org/#artifactdetails|colt|colt|1.2.0|jar. Whereas the h2 Maven module has both source and javadoc jars: search.maven.org/#artifactdetails|com.h2database|h2|1.3.164|jar –  Mark O'Connor Mar 25 '12 at 23:31

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