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I am trying to remove substring out of variable using sed like this:

PRINT_THIS="`echo "$fullpath" | sed 's/${rootpath}//' -`"


fullpath="/media/some path/dir/helloworld/src"
rootpath=/media/some path/dir

I want to echo just rest of the fullpath like this (i am using this on whole bunch of directories, so I need to store it in variables and do it automatically

echo "helloworld/src"

using variable it would be

echo "Directory: $PRINT_THIS"

Problem is, I can not get sed to remove the substring, what I am I doing wrong? Thanks

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You don't need sed for that, bash alone is enough:

$ fullpath="/media/some path/dir/helloworld/src"
$ rootpath="/media/some path/dir"
$ echo ${fullpath#${rootpath}}
$ echo ${fullpath#${rootpath}/}
$ rootpath=unrelated
$ echo ${fullpath#${rootpath}/}
/media/some path/dir/helloworld/src

Check out the String manipulation documentation.

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Thank you, its funny because i used string manipulation elsewhere in script but forgot about it –  Pan.student Mar 25 '12 at 15:12
If you don't know if $rootpath ends with a slash, you can do: shopt -s extglob; echo "${fullpath##$rootdir*(/)}" –  glenn jackman Mar 26 '12 at 13:28

To use variables in sed, you must use it like this :

sed "s@$variable@@g" FILE

two things :

  • I use double quotes (shell don't expand variables in single quotes)
  • I use another separator that doesn't conflict with the slashes in your paths


$ rootpath="/media/some path/dir"
$ fullpath="/media/some path/dir/helloworld/src"
$ echo "$fullpath"
/media/some path/dir/helloworld/src
$ echo "$fullpath" | sed "s@$rootpath@@"
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Yeah thanks ! And it's so simple –  gontard Jun 27 '13 at 14:13

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