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I'm developing an android application for a store, which provides many functions. One of these is a function that allows the customer to search a product with some criteria (price,size,type... like in the picture ).

I guess I should work with SqliteDatabase , but I have no idea how I can make this multi-criteria search interface , so the user can query the database.

enter image description here

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It's simple. after setup your database, you can use SQL queries and JOIN types with WHERE critaria and finally achive proper data, use Cursor class to iterate through results.


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Before handling it, you should design your database properly. Suppose, List of tables -

1) product_type(_id<should be primary key to link another table>, 
   type_id<integer>, type_name<text>
2) product_price(_id<should be primary key to link another table>, 
   type_id<integer>, price<double>
3) product_type_size(_id<should be primary key to link another table>, type_id<integer>, size<text>

And create views as your requirement - product_search(join your table properly) And run your queries as requirement and match with the value of the view.

Go ahead--

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