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I am starting with a project that shall be analyzing a user's interests and engagement through his twitter profile. What sort of metrics can be obtained by analyzing his twitter data ? The things I feel can be done include:

  1. Topics that the user talks about the most (his interests) by analyzing his tweets.
  2. The communities he is active in (by analyzing hash-tags)
  3. The mood of the person by classifying tweets as positive / negative.

Other trends could include his outreach and the people he interacts with generally.

Are there other interesting aspects that can be derived about a person through his profile ? Twitalyzer seems to also show the age groups the person interacts with most but I don't have much clue as to how to do that.

Also I plan to develop the project as a webapp. I plan to use PHP for making the crawler. For the mining part, would you suggest sticking to PHP or recommend other another technology / language ?

Some projects I have been looking at for inspiration include:

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You could also consider the communities he's in. By extracting the mentions he makes (or the ones he's mentioned in) and producing a graph will give you plenty of insight on the user and the people he's interested in. Especially if you introduce the notion of centrality in your work...

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Analyzing the brand loyality of a particular person particularly if the person is influential can be really insightful.

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