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xcode 4.2 update to xcode 4.3 Hi, I'm trying to update to xcode 4.3 I'm running two separate computers. One with the Snow Leopard and One with Lion. Whenever I try to update it always tell me I need to be running the opposite OS that i'm using. To specify...I'm running Lion and it says I need Snow Leopard. Which seems incredibly odd that it would want me to downgrade, so to speak. And in Snow Leopard it say Use Lion. I am trying to get my app sent over to my ipod touch and ipad. This was not an issue as the app ran great on both devices before I updated the devices iPad/iPod touch to iOS 5.1 Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank You -Anthony

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Please post the exact text of the error message you see on each system. –  user1118321 Mar 25 '12 at 16:53
Since you're new here, I'll give you some pointers: Ask questions that are as technical in nature as possible(otherwise, you'll get down-votes like you did for this question), post answers that are as relevant to the question as possible (By that I meant:remember when to post something as a comment), do not post general questions related to programming(there are other StackOverFlow sites for that, you can see some of them at the bottom of this page), accept answers so that people are willing to answer more of your questions(tick the green mark). –  tipycalFlow Apr 2 '12 at 5:01

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OK, I had the Xcode Icon in my dock and needed to load the new installed one from the icon in the applications fold and toss the one in the dock. Now I'm running Xcode 4.3.2 Now I get to deal with the wonderful world of Keychains and Certificates :) Anthony

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